7th International Conference
Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability - 2016 
June 19-26, 2016 
in honor of Nathan Nelson and T. Nejat Veziroglu 
Pushchino, Russia 
   Домой      Cultural programme

Cultural programme


June 21, 2016 has been set for the «cultural programme», which includes several excursions. Excursions may be organized only if minimum of 20 persons will request the excursion.To plan the excursion in advance, we would like to ask you to send your requests to Dr. Maria Leonova (m.m.leonova@gmail.com)



The review excursion of Moscow

Dear guests and Moscow residents! The travel company "Moscow lights" is glad to invite you for 3 hour review excursion of Moscow by comfortable bus with a guide. Even if it is not your first time in Moscow it will be interesting and amazing to cover the most obvious sights of the city.

The professional Moscow guide will show you and explain Kremlin and The Red Square, The Garden Ring and The Sparrows Hills, The New and The Old Arbat streets. You will know who are The Stalin's sisters, and who made the bows at the Victory Park area. During the tour you will cross the Red Square, will take pictures оf the beautiful Saint Basile Cathedral and gorgeous Moscow State University listening to the story of Moscow magic development. After the excursion you will treat yourself like an experienced Moscow tourist.

Will do our best to make the excursion time the highlights of your staying in the capital of Russia.

Points of the route:

The Kremlin and The Red Square аrea

The Sparrows Hills

The New and Old Arbat streets

The Garden ring

The New Maiden Convent

The Victory Park

Kutyzovskij prospect

Duration: 3 h + transportation (app. 3 h)


1500 Roubles/person (with transportation)


Diamond Fund of Russia

Museum "Diamond Fund of Russia" represents the official collection of precious stones and jewelry, as well as gold and platinum nuggets. Founded in 1922 as Diamond Fund of the USSR. From the middle of the XVIII century, the collection of jewels of the Imperial family was kept in the Diamond room of the Winter Palace (St. Petersburg). As a permanent exhibition "the Diamond Fund" opened in 1967.


XX century changed the fate of the Diamond room. In 1922 year value of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg came on storage in the Gokhran of Russia. There future exhibitors have passed the scientific processing, and with 1967 years has consistently shown at the exhibition of the Diamond Fund. In the second half of the century, the collection of the exhibition was complemented with the new values. Now in exposition you can see the Imperial symbols of power, the main of of which the crown, the Orb and a scepter with the famous diamond "Orlov» 189, 62 CT); the works of court masters XVIII-XIX centuries; insignia; modern jewelry; historical stones; gold nuggets and platinum, diamonds from Russian deposits, diamonds, colored gemstones.


Duration: 1 h + transportation (app. 3 h)


2000 Roubles/person (with transportation)


Walking 2 hour tour around The Kremlin (This excursion can be combined with the excursion to Diamond Fund of Russia)


Walking 2 hour tour around The Kremlin across The Red Square and Aleksandr Garden.

The Kremlin and The Red Square are the very heart of Moscow and Russia.The oldest construction which miracly survived and the historical public place keep many secrets.

What is the difference between Ivan The Great and Ivan The Terrible and what is in common?

What does Kremlin mean and why did they call old Moscow-Chinatown?

You will receive the answers durind our excursion.You will listen to the interesting story of

every sight in the area from the guide who remember the Soviet peacfull demonstrations and  the great military parades on the Red Square . You also will taste the best ice cream in Russia doing window shopping in GUM what means the huge departmentstore.

Saint Basil Cathedral will meet you at the end of the tour and you will be fascinated by it's beauty and symmetric.

Every tourist has to book such tour for a good luck in Moscow.

Two hours will fly by and you won't be tied after a good stroll.


Duration: 2 h + transportation (app. 3 h)


1200 Roubles/person (with transportation)



The bus tour to Yasnaya Poliana which is place where Lev Tolstoy was born in 1828, lived for about 60 years. 




For many years people came to the writer to talk, to ask for an advice, and sometimes to ask for some money. Here Tolstoy wrote many of his books and philosophical essays. But he was not destined to die in his home. At the stormy night on the fall of 1910 he left the house to look for a simple form of being and life. On his way he got ill and died in a very small train station Astapovo but his grave is in Yasnaya Poliana. The place is located in the Tula region. 

Duration: 3 h + transportation (app. 4 h)

Price: 1600 Roubles/person (with transportation)


A tour to the State literature-memorial Museum of Anton P. Chekhov in Melikhovo. This includes a visit to the estate “Lopansnya-Zachatievskoey” (the history of this estate is associated with the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the Dukes Goncharovy and Lanskie. A church of the Conception of St. Anna is near the estate; it is famous for necropolis where Alexander Pushkin was buried, as well as his son and his descendants. 

Duration: 7 h (with transportation

Price: 1200 Roubles/person (with transportation)